August means two things in Texas. Scorching temperatures and getting ready for sending the kids back to school! Strittmatters works to keep you and your family cool in the 100 degree days and we also wanted to share our favorite ideas for getting back into the school day swing.

The Ultimate School Survival Kit

Back to School Roundup

Students will never be caught empty handed again! This kit is perfect for pre-teen and teen girls. You can customize your kit to hold all the essentials that you don’t want to be without. We also love the idea of making teachers a handy “emergency kit” as a back to school gift.


Back to School Breakfast Ideas


Give cold cereal the morning off with one of these creative breakfast ideas. Just a little prep and the kids will wake up with yummy breakfasts that will start their day off right. This list has everything from breakfast burritos, to frozen pancakes, to make ahead breakfast sandwiches.


Create a Homework Success Station

Back to School Roundup

Don’t let homework get scattered all over the dining room table again! This weekend project gives kids their own space to get organized and get down to business. This station can hold all the basics for productive studying and making homework time more fun.


First Day of School Traditions

Back to School Roundup

Is “back to school” a bad word in your house? Get kids excited by planning some fun activities and starting traditions that can take them from preschool to high school senior. We love the idea of a Backpack Fairy and a coffee brunch for the parents after dropping the kids off for the first day.  


All Of The Best School Hacks in One Place

Back to School Roundup

Back to School Roundup

Just when you think you’ve thought of everything, there’s always more tips to be had! This list combines some of the best tricks for school year success. It covers everything from getting better sleep, to organizing your notebooks, to better study habits.

Do you have any back to school tricks or traditions that you do in your house? Let us know your favorites over on our Facebook page!

We hope everyone stays cool this August and has a fantastic first day back at school!