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Why Fall Preventative Maintenance Is Important

Fall weather is on the way! Who else is excited for crunchy leaves, shorter days, and cooler temperatures? It might be another month before you need to turn on your furnace for the first time of the season. But you can take steps right now to ensure that everything is in proper working order. Having [...]

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Reduce Fall Allergens in Your Home

Sneezing. Coughing. Sniffling. Does this sound familiar? This time of year can be rough on everyone’s allergies. We do our best to manage symptoms (and keep plenty of tissues on hand). But could your home be making your allergy symptoms worse? Indoor air quality can take a toll on your health, but the Strittmatter team [...]

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Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Tips

When was the last time you thought about your plumbing? If we had to guess, we’d say the last time you thought about it was when there was a plumbing problem. No one wants to be caught off guard with an unexpected plumbing issue. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to reduce [...]

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Troubleshooting Common AC Problems

North Texas has seen a heat wave roll through the past few weeks. Air conditioners all across Denton County are putting in hard work to keep everyone cool. The Strittmatter SuperTechs are working just as hard to make sure you and your family are cool and comfortable this season. But when an AC problem arises, [...]

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All About Those Drains

Clogged, slowly draining, funny smells- a lot can go wrong with drains! But don’t worry. The Strittmatter SuperTechs have you covered. This month, we’re covering what to do when drain problems arise. Something smells... off Do you get a whiff of something unpleasant when you lean over your drain? Drains, especially in the kitchen, can [...]

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Family Summer Safety Tips

The sun is shining, the vacations are planned, and the air conditioner is running full blast. It’s officially summer in North Texas. While you’re enjoying the warm weather, the Strittmatter team wants to make sure you do so safely. We’ve rounded up our top safety tips to help you and your family have the best [...]

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Air Conditioner Red Flags

A properly functioning air conditioner is a summer essential in North Texas! Your AC is putting in some hard work to keep you and your family cool and comfortable. But how do you know if there’s a problem about to surface? Take a look at these tips to help you recognize any red flags that [...]

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Bust Summertime Boredom in North Texas

The kids are home for summer and it won’t be long before you start hearing the familiar sound of “Mom, I’m bored!” Keep everyone entertained this summer with creative and crafty activities around the house. Plan new outside activities Create the perfect summertime fun in your own backyard! The web is full of ideas, but [...]

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What Makes the SuperTech Difference

Temperatures are starting to climb in North Texas and the summer will be here before you know it. The Strittmatter team wants to make sure everyone stays cool this season. But we also want to give you the knowledge of what to do if you encounter an air conditioning or plumbing problem. We want to [...]

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5 Ways to Save Money on Utilities

Do you cringe when opening your utility bill? Are you always hoping it’s under a certain amount? Or have you had to do a classic double take on the total? We understand the pain of high utility bills. So this month, we’ve rounded up our best tips to tackle that growing utility bill! All it [...]

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