6 Reasons for Low Water Pressure in the Shower

You can probably recognize when your plumbing system is experiencing low water pressure almost right away. Poor shower pressure is not a fun thing to deal with, especially if you are not accustomed to it. A great shower should feel comfortable.

Signs of low water pressure should be fixed as soon as possible to check for and avoid any underlying issues. Main plumbing issues may lie dormant for many years. This is why it is so important to get your system checked by a professional when you are experiencing low water pressure. 

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Keep scrolling if you have noticed that your showers are not feeling as great as they used to. There are six reasons for water pressure that you should look out for.

1. Faulty Pressure Regulator Device 

Low water pressure in the shower may be due to the pressure regulator device in the shower head. The average water pressure in your home should be around 45 to 65 psi. However, if the pressure is higher or lower than the average, the regulator device is malfunctioning. 

For this issue, it is better to call a trained plumber who has bathroom plumbing experience. Especially installing and recalibrating pressure regulator devices. If you have a faulty device it may be the result of an improper installation. Make sure to fix this issue right away because it could lead to more expensive problems with the plumbing system. 

2. Valves for Home Water 

Home water valves are responsible for allowing water through the plumbing system. If there is an issue with these valves, you may be experiencing low water pressure. Fortunately, the main valves for your home water is an easy fix. Head over to the main water control area which is usually located in the basement or outside of the home. Check if the home water valve is in the “on” position. If it is not “on” it will significantly impact the water pressure inside the home. 

Also, the home water valves are relatively inexpensive to replace. Contact your local plumber to help install the valve correctly and place it in the “on” position. 

3. Using Showers in the Morning or at Night 

Do you take a shower in the early morning or at night? If you are experiencing low shower water pressure, this coincidental shower time may be due to factors that are not within your control. A home plumbing system is connected to a main water source, which many homes use. At specific times of the day, usually before and after work, the water usage is at its highest. 

The best option for this issue is to check the water pressure in your home during those time periods. If the pressure is higher, then the issue is with the main water source. 

4. Sediment Buildup in the Pipes or Shower Head 

Over time your shower head and pipes can develop an over accumulation of minerals. These mineral deposits will decrease the pressure and volume of your shower water. The sediment buildup in your pipes and shower head is due to hard water. However, this is relatively easy to fix. To get rid of mineral accumulation in your pipes, a draining of the pipe will have to be performed. Call a professional for drain services to fix this issue. 

Consequently, you can remove mineral deposits in your shower head by unscrewing the component and placing it in a mixture of vinegar. If this does not help to increase the water pressure in your home, it might be time to buy a new shower head. 

5. Older Shower Head

Upgrading your shower head may be the best thing you can do for your daily shower routine. In many homes, the shower head is the culprit for low water pressure. Older models are low-flow shower heads which can result in low water pressure. Although low-flow shower heads conserve water, which is great for the environment, you may need to upgrade the model. 

Newer low-flow shower heads will still be able to conserve water. With the added benefits of a larger volume of water and higher water pressure in each shower. Fortunately, most home improvement stores have a wide selection of shower heads to choose from, making this an easy switch.

6. Leaks in the Pipes

If you can not find the source of your low water pressure, leaks in the pipes are more likely the cause. Leaks in your bathroom plumbing system is the worst cause for low water pressure in your home because this is likely due to an underlying issue. If there is a leak, the water will be swindling away through those holes and not reaching the shower head. 

The leak could either be the direct pipes leading to the shower, or further in the plumbing fixture. If the latter is the case, a professional plumber will have to inspect your plumbing system for leaks. Depending on the severity of the damage, this issue may be expensive to fix. These experts can resolve the problem easily. Call your local plumber for leak repair services. 

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