Who knows where they come from, but there are tons of plumbing myths out there! Strittmatters wants to make sure that your plumbing is in proper working order, so we’re here to bust some of these common plumbing myths.

Myth: Lemons clean a garbage disposal

Now this one can be tricky. Tossing a lemon rind down the garbage disposal can certainly mask any unpleasant or lingering odors. But if you truly want to clean your garbage disposal, all you’ll need is some white vinegar. Pour some white vinegar down the drain while running the disposal to clean the blades without having to use harsh chemicals.


Myth: Ice cubes sharpen the blades of a garbage disposal

6 Plumbing Myths Busted

There seems to be a lot of myths surrounding garbage disposals! Using ice cubes in the disposal can help to clear off gunk, but they won’t do anything to sharpen the blades. If you think you’re garbage disposal is not performing at peak capacity, call a plumber to identify the problem instead of tossing more items down the drain.


Myth: A small leak is no big deal

All faucets leak a little bit, right? Wrong! Even small leaks can add up on your water bill. If your faucet is leaking even a little bit, it means there could be a bigger problem. Having an expert plumber diagnose the issue will prevent you from wasting any more water and money.  

6 Plumbing Myths Busted


Myth: Cleaning a toilet bowl with bleach tablets is a good idea

While it’s true that bleach can clean a toilet bowl, it should only be used for a short period of time. Leaving bleach tablets in the toilet bowl for longer than 10 minutes can start to cause damage to the working parts of the toilet. If you’re looking for a more natural method of cleaning and disinfecting, break out that white vinegar again! Cleaning the bowl frequently with white vinegar will leave it clean and sparkling.


Myth: Preventative maintenance is a waste of money

If you wait until something is broken to focus on your plumbing, then you’re wasting money! Preventative maintenance keeps your plumbing in top working order and can prevent small problems from becoming big (and costly) issues. And did you know that Strittmatters’ “Family Saving Club” covers plumbing preventative maintenance? Members will get an expert technician to inspect all exposed drain and water lines, monitor water levels and flush valves, a safety inspection of the water heater and more! Click here to see all the benefits of preventative maintenance.

6 Plumbing Myths Busted


Myth: Any plumber will be fine to fix problems

Definitely not true! Don’t trust just anyone to come into your home. Strittmatter technicians are professionally trained and certified to provide excellent, professional service for you and your family. Our technicians are ready to tackle any problem and help prevent future repairs. Give us a call at 940-566-1122 to schedule an appointment with one of our techs to get your plumbing back in working order.