There’s no beating around the bush. It’s just plain hot in North Texas! Summer doesn’t just bring record breaking temperatures. It can also bring record breaking utility bills. So how do you keep your family cool without blasting the air conditioner all day? Check out our list of tips that you can use around your home to keep everyone cool and comfortable.  

Use curtains and window screens

Windows can be a huge contributor to a hot house, especially when in direct sunlight. While the natural light is great, it can leave you fighting the heat inside. Keeping blinds and drapes closed will protect your home by as much as 10 -15 degrees in the summer. But what about those windows that you can’t or don’t want to add curtains? Look into installing solar screens! You’ll still be able to see outside, but the heat will be deflected and your air conditioner will thank you.

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Rotate your ceiling fans the right way for summer

There’s no wrong way to use a ceiling fan, right? Think again! When it’s hot outside (and inside!) make sure your ceiling fan rotates counterclockwise to push cool air down towards the floor. While a ceiling fan won’t change the air temperature in a room, the moving air will make the people in the room feel noticeably cooler. If your fans aren’t rotating the correct direction, look for a switch near the center of the fan that will flip the direction of the rotation.


Cook dinner outside

Like we need a reason to fire up the grill! But inside appliances, like your oven and stove, are big culprits of extra inside heat. By cooking outside, you are saving your home from holding on to extra heat from the kitchen. Just be sure to keep the door closed as much as possible when going outside and back in!

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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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Do chores at night

The oven and stove aren’t the only appliances that can heat up your home. Your washer, dryer, and dishwasher can also produce heat that will leave your air conditioner working a little harder to keep up. Time these chores accordingly so you will be running these appliances in the evening when it’s not as hot outside. If you need to get these chores done during the day, consider air drying your dishes and hanging clothes outside to dry. You’ll use less energy and keep your home cooler.  

Have a professional give your AC a tune up

None of these tips will help if the root of the problem is the air conditioning unit itself. A professional tune up will identify any problems or weak spots with your air conditioning unit. Call 940-566-1122 to schedule an appointment with an expert Strittmatter technician and we will keep your whole house cool and comfortable.  

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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