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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Clean Without the Chemicals

Nothing beats the feeling of walking into a clean bathroom. But you don’t have to drown it in chemicals to get that pristine look! At Strittmatters, we love eco-friendly and green alternatives. So we have rounded up our top tips for keeping your bathroom sparkling clean without the harsh chemicals. The wonders of vinegar Vinegar [...]

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Awesome Autumn Activities for North Texans

In North Texas, it might not always feel like Autumn in October. We’ve seen record-breaking high temperatures with only a handful of cooler weather days. But that won’t stop us from making it feel like Fall! We’ve rounded up our favorite ideas and activities to celebrate the changing of the seasons… even if it’s still [...]

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Tune-ups: Fact vs. Fiction

Have you been wary about preventative maintenance? Or confused about what tune-ups actually do? Then you’re in the right place! The Strittmatters team is here to separate fact from fiction when it comes to preventative maintenance. Fiction: Tune-ups are a waste of money. Fact: Tune-ups can save you money! If your equipment hasn’t been serviced [...]

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