Common Plumbing Emergencies – Here Is What You Can Do!

It is a universal truth that no one wants to encounter plumbing issues, be it leaking pipes or running toilets, as these problems can cause inconvenience and even threaten safety. The aftermath of plumbing issues can lead to detrimental consequences such as mold growth, structural damage, and exorbitant repair costs.

Certain common plumbing emergencies can prevent you from utilizing some of the most essential household appliances, making it imperative to address them promptly. Numerous plumbing companies offer 24/7 emergency services for these common plumbing issues to ensure you receive prompt assistance.

It is crucial to be aware of these plumbing emergencies, such as burst pipes, clogged drains, and sewer backups, as they can damage your home and cause significant financial losses. With the availability of emergency plumbing services, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to resolve any plumbing emergencies that may arise quickly.

1. Clogged Sink or Bathtub Drain

If your sink or bathtub drain becomes clogged, you may be able to fix it the first few times. Eventually, if the issue occurs more frequently, you must call a plumber. In most cases, clogs are extremely preventable. All you have to do is be careful what you flush down the drain. To remove a clog, a plumber may use hydro jetting or another tool to remove buildup. 

2. Sewer Backup

It’s pretty easy to identify a sewer backup: foul odors, pooled sewage and gurgling toilets are only a few of the signs. A sewer backup can become an expensive problem to fix because it typically requires major repairs and in some cases, replacement. Call a plumber right away if you suspect a sewer backup. 

3. Leaky Faucets

Leaking faucets waste water and lead to high monthly bills. These leaks can also cause mold growth and rust formation. A plumber can help tighten your faucets and check for any additional leak causes. Some homeowners prefer plumbers to replace their faucets with new fixtures to fix the problem and give their homes an easy update. 

4. Burst Pipes

This is one of the most serious problems because it can quickly lead to flooding inside your home. Burst pipes typically occur due to cold temperatures. No matter the time of day, you must call a plumber when you suspect a burst pipe because you cannot use any water until it is fixed. Unfortunately, burst pipes cannot be repaired. A plumber must complete a full pipe replacement to resolve the issue. 

5. Lack of Hot Water

If you are experiencing a lack of hot water in your home, the most likely culprit is your water heater. There could be an electrical malfunction, gas malfunction, leak, or other problem causing your water heater to fail. A plumber will be able to identify the cause of the issue and complete any repairs or replacements after a thorough inspection of your water heater. 

6. Leaking Washing Machine

Washing machines are connected to your pipes through the water hose. If the water hose becomes cracked, bulged, or damaged, water could leak underneath and around your washing machine. Especially if gone unnoticed, the water could cause mold growth or rust. A plumber can fix this problem by replacing or sealing the water hose. Because it is in a difficult-to-reach area and can worsen if repaired incorrectly, you should not attempt it yourself. 

7. Damaged Water Line

You can tell that your water line has become damaged if you notice muddy puddles in your lawn or bright green spots. You should call a plumber as soon as you notice one of these signs. A damaged water line could result from tree root infiltration, corrosion, construction damage, or other causes. Sometimes damaged water lines can be repaired, but they require partial or full pipe replacement in most cases. 

8. Sump Pump Malfunction

A sump pump malfunction can be disastrous as it can cause flooding and mold growth. Considering sump pumps are designed to keep basements and lower levels from flooding, it is important that they can properly function. If you notice that your sump pump has stopped working, is broken, has stuck components, or is making weird noises, then it is time to call your plumber. Depending on the issue, the plumber may be able to quickly fix the problem. 

9. Running Toilet

A running toilet is not only annoying, but it is also an enormous waste of water. This issue can substantially increase your monthly water bill if not quickly handled. Typically, running toilets are caused by malfunctioning valves or flappers. A plumber can easily fix this problem with the tools that they have on hand.

10. Clogged Toilet

While a plunger may be what you need to fix clogged toilets, sometimes you need to call a professional. As many know, a clogged toilet can quickly become a flooding issue. The plumber may have to use a hydro jet or a drain snake to remove or break down the clog. To prevent this in the future, avoid flushing certain items down your toilets such as baby wipes and feminine products. 

Reliable 24 Hour Plumbers Near You!

If any of the above problems occur in your home, it is imperative that you immediately contact a 24-hour plumbing service. Unfortunately, not every plumber has a fully loaded truck equipped to handle all kinds of repairs. This is why you must find a plumber that can handle any future plumbing emergencies ahead of time.

Our Strittmatter Air Conditioning, Heating, and Plumbing team have the experience, qualifications, and equipment to handle any plumbing emergency. We are dedicated to providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Our team understands the community’s importance, so we proudly serve Flower Mound and the surrounding area.

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